Estate Planning

It takes planning and caring to protect what matters most in your life – everything you own and everyone you love through effective estate planning.  You cannot start soon enough to create a plan that works.  Timing is everything, particularly when implementing a plan for seniors, as the new Medicaid rules have strict timing parameters.

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A thoughtful process for estate planning

axelrod-9437-color2You can share your hopes, dreams, values, and goals – and I will listen – really listen.  Then I will explain your options and work closely with you and your advisors to put my knowledge and experience to work in designing a personalized plan that reflects your unique, individual situation.  The result of such a thoughtful process is an estate plan that works.  You need an estate plan that promotes harmony within families and provides a lasting legacy that will continue to reflect your values and ideals for generations to come.  That is exactly the kind of estate plan our firm will provide for you and yours.

A thorough team approach

Providing the kind of effective and responsible legal service that you deserve requires building and maintaining relationships with both you and your other professional advisors.  We make a point of working together on your behalf, because I believe that cooperation is the cornerstone of a plan that works for everyone.  I also recognize that your needs and family situation will change over time, so planning is an ongoing process.  A good estate plan is not a one-time thing.  That is why I offer you several options for ongoing updating of your estate plan.

Protecting the needs of older clients

People are living longer these days, which can be a joy to their families – but a concern as well.  Increasing age often brings increasing health issues and increasing need for help with protecting financial and legal assets.  These can be emotionally challenging matters to handle.  I understand the complexities of elder law and the importance of looking after both the health care needs and the assets of older family members.  Many aspects of elder law involve legal issues that require a unique level of knowledge and experience – the kind of knowledge and experience, along with sensitivity and advocacy, that I bring to your situation, no matter how difficult it might appear.

A focus on results

When you need estate planning or elder law services, you are looking for results.  I help our clients understand that there is more to the results of Elder Law & Estate Planning than simply saving taxes and dealing with long-term care issues.  I know the true personal value of comprehensive, thoughtful planning for you and your loved ones.  I know that you want to provide the best planning for your family – estate and elder care planning that can help you control and minimize the burdens and costs of probate, long-term care and incapacity.  These are difficult, often painful matters to deal with.  We provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the most comprehensive estate planning possible for you and your loved ones – even for your pets.

It is my job to apply my unique legal experience and counseling skills to ensure that each client’s family values are preserved, taxes are minimized, and goals are met.  It is also my job to see that your plan works the way you intended it to by assuring that all assets are properly titled and beneficiary designations coordinate with your estate plan.  It gives me great pride and pleasure to work toward such results on your behalf and to help you create your legacy, whether professional or personal.

 Peace of mind through effective planningSM